Raising Expectations of the Real Estate Agent

Haber Realty Group in New York City has forever changed the role of commercial real estate representation. Our customers expect more of us today than ever, and we're eager to provide. In addition to offering listings, we perform detailed market analysis and reach out to colleagues and business affiliates to provide a thorough consultation for owners and tenants. When all's said and done, our work results in profitable, happy customers.

Our Consultation Services

It's tough to know where to buy or rent without data. We live in a data-driven world where consumer insights and development analysis is key to success. We provide professional market intelligence and site selection modeling to make sure the property you buy or rent is absolutely right for your goals. We also specialize in lease abstraction and property valuation. Our recommendations are based on transparent data that we carefully collect and mine to present to you.

Environment Sustainability Consulting

Haber Consulting offers sustainability consulting services for green development of your properties. Our focus is to provide you with sustainable solutions that allow you to utilize current environmental policies, tax incentives, and reduce the costs of maintaining your property. These solutions include green roofs, solar panels, and energy-efficient lighting systems.

Couple Discussing Plans With Realtor

Case Study: Benefits Of a Green Roof

With an environmentally sustainable roof, you can improve your property's LEED rating, reduce maintenance of the roofing material by protecting it and provide insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs. It also improve stormwater management and reduces load on a roof drain. In addition, green roofs are aesthetically pleasing, increase property value, and improve air quality. Unique features include the potential to grow agricultural crops, which may be used to supply the property with food.

Case Study: Solar Panels

The renewable energy movement is not just a fad. When you choose to use solar panels you will see a reduction in electricity costs, improvement in the property's LEED rating, and an increase in property value. A side perk for many owners is that they can sell excess electricity back to electricity companies, helping to offset utility costs.